Orlando SEO Consulting

My name is Chris Ondo, an educated, experienced, and certified SEO consultant. I have had great success providing professional SE O consulting services for organizations of all sizes for 12 years throughout the United States. Why have I been so successful with SEO? By staying up to date with the latest Web and SEO technologies and using my knowledge to help my clients exceed their strategic goals. I know how search engines like Google and Bing rank websites and implement only the most effective SEO strategies. What’s my secret? I do not overcharge and I deliver professional SEO services nowhere else to be found.

Frustrated business owners contact me when they are not sure what is wrong with their website and want to know why they’re website isn’t showing up well in search engines.  I provide three main services:

  1. Professional SEO Consulting Services. I take the time to learn about your organizational goals and provide a gap analysis of your website. This service determines which personalized improvements should be implemented to ensure you meet your organizational goals. Professional SEO consulting services are offered on a monthly retainer basis.
  2. Full Service SEO. If you are simply too busy with your organization and you need someone to handle your entire SEO campaign, Full Service SEO is a great option. I will handle all aspects of your SEO campaign and your web presence will dominate your competitors.
  3. Hourly SEO Consulting. Still receive the same quality outcomes as our professional package with hourly consulting. This is charged on a per hour basis and I will gladly answer any and all questions you may have via phone.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation about my professional SEO services – 407.595.4835

Getting found in search engines is critical for businesses to thrive and succeed. Every time someone gets on the internet and searches for businesses like yours and your website is not found, you are losing customers and money. I completely understand and know what it takes to rank your website.

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