SEO audits and performance tweaks

To increase website visitors to your website, your website needs to show up and rank high with major search engines like Google, YAHOO and Bing. We offer our clients an in-depth comprehensive SEO audit where we carefully analyze your websites’ SEO, how your website looks in Google and Bing search results, and put together a complete list of items you need to change and improve in order to get the higher website rankings and targeted website traffic you desire.  This complete and overall SEO analysis will help me determine what SEO actions need to be taken to make sure your website is correctly optimized and tuned for the absolute best Search Engine performance.

Our Professional SEO and website audit services consist of a onetime consultation fee of $199 and includes a printed SEO audit report that can be reviewed with you in person or over the phone.

This level of personalized  service is simply not available anywhere else in the world.

Some huge SEO companies claim to offer a free SEO and website audit but the fact of the matter is these SEO companies will nickel and dime you to death not to mention more than 91% of large SEO companies outsource to offshore to SEO companies that simply do not deliver high quality SEO services not to mention the lack of personalized attention to detail.

We use the latest SEO tools which enable me to really go in depth and fine tune your “SEO to do list”.

After finalizing you SEO and website audit, you will be presented with an easy to read document explaining and outlining all of the SEO elements and tasks that need to be improved and completed in order to give you the results you are seeking.  In many cases, your website will need several SEO performance adjustments to fine tune and tweak your website including your website code to maximize today’s latest SEO trends. If you do not feel comfortable implementing the recommended changes to your SEO and your website yourself or you do not have a webmaster on staff to implement the recommended changes then you are in luck.  We will take full responsibility in making the recommended adjustments in addition to explaining to you in detail how the recommended changes will affect your website and give you a timeline on when you can expect to see and feel noticeable SEO results.

Your Professional SEO Audit and consultation will include the following:

  • Complete website code analysis – We thoroughly inspect your website including SEO elements that could be affecting your website ranking. We will also tweak and adjust any items that are needed to help your SEO. The individual elements we will examine are:
  • Code to text ratio
  • Crawl errors – complete list
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • HTML and CSS code review
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Page content
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • Heading tag optimization
  • Site load time
  • Sitemap.xml configuration
  • 301 redirects
  • Broken Links
  • Static/dynamic URL configuration
  • Title tag optimization
  • htaccess review
  • Duplicate content
  • Home page content
  • Site theme and content
  • Top keyword rankings
  • Top keyword traffic
  • Lead conversion form


Keyword Research Report – We carefully review your keywords – search words and make sure they are the best chosen keywords for your website and business. If needed we identify new keywords to drive qualified web traffic to your website.

Google and Bing Competition Analysis – We will carefully review your competition and through analysis determine what keywords are driving traffic to their websites. With this information we are able to determine which SEO package will enable you to rise above your competition and dominate them on the internet in major search engine like Google and Bing.

In bound Link Analysis – Having high ranking websites that link to your website is not only important it is absolutely imperative for any successful SEO campaign. It is very important to see who links to your website as well as who links to your competitors web sites.

Inbound Link Acquisition Strategy – We will explain where and how to get quality back links – websites to link back to your website which as I mentioned above is absolutely imperative to have in order to have a successful SEO campaign.

Web Server – Web Hosting Configuration Evaluation – Did you know there are several special web server files that can affect your SEO and website performance? These files actually instruct search engines like Bing and Google how to access and index your website and web pages in major search engines. Some of these files are called robots.txt, Htaccess file and sitemap.xml. Propertly optimizing and tuning these web server files can have a huge impact on how your website shows up in Google and Bing searches. Our Certified Search Engine Professionals and Web Masters all have experience configuring and tuning web servers and have all worked for at least one web hosting company and truly know how to configure web servers the right way.

To find out more information about our Professional Web and Search Engine services and prices call 407.595.4835 to schedule an in depth one on one analysis of your SEO and website.