SEO – Search Engine Optimization an ever changing strategy for website owners.

The math and science of ranking your website effectively among search engines for relevant key words, key phrases and or terms is called Search Engine Optimization. The mathematical variables in which major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use to rank a website and impact the influences which are made about your website are changed on a regular basis (usually several times a year). The search engines first visit your website and crawl your website and will recognize your website’s relevancy based on many factors including but not limited to the words used in your websites text, backend coding and how well your website code is written, organized and managed. (Think Quality Control).

Those that are successful at marketing their websites know firsthand they must be deliberate about the specific keywords, key phrases and search words they want to be found under when a Google search is performed. From there online marketing gurus put forth effort to build links or URL backlinks on other websites to point to their website. This can be done by submitting your website address URL to authoritive web directories and other relevant websites. Notice I use the word “relevant”.  Search engines index these other outside websites as well as the links pointing back to your website. Google, BING and YAHOO verify these as well as many other factors when ranking your website and determining where you will appear in a Google Search and for what key words or phrases if any at all.

The Old and out dated way of doing SEO will get you penalized and possibly banned altogether if you are not playing by the rules.

Attempts to beat the system (cheating)

Online marketing involves monitoring website traffic to see how specific keywords and phrases including link building techniques impact website traffic and website rankings. Many SEO companies or those that are not really educated well with SEO have habits of attempting to cheat the system and abuse search engines by using tactics used to deceive, mislead or manipulate the search engines in a effort to beat the system and rank successfully.

The Search Engines get strict and fight the cheaters

Google, BING and YAHOO have responded to the cheaters by adding more complex mathematical variables to their search algorithms which “change on a regular basis”. Many of these technical variables determine what is credible and relevant within your website and what is irrelevant and what may or is considered as cheating or being deceptive.  The old technical variables are still important just keep in mind that Google, BING and YAHOO change their algorithms on a regular basis and to stay in the game you will either obey the rules or you wont and your website will be dealt with accordingly whether that means being penalized for a month, months or even being banned all together. The bottom line is if you cheat you will lose and those that play by the rules with serious effort will outshine those that cheat.

How to have a competitive edge in the game of SEO?

Play by the rules and do not attempt to cheat.

To learn the rules of Googles Game you need to carefully read Googles Webmaster Guidelines.



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