I want to give a Shout Out  to PowerLineSEO.com for meeting with me and taking the time to really listen to what I had envisioned for my tattoo shop website. Before hiring powerline, I hired a guy from Craigslist who promised us the world then failed to deliver a finished website and pretty much ripped me off. It was after much frustration PowerLine was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I called powerline and the next morning they sent two webmasters to my tattoo shop where they sat, listened to everything I had to say and took  notes. The next day they got to work on my new website and my new website was launched in less then 4 weeks. After my website was launched I wanted to compete with other local tattoo shops on the internet and out perform them in local google searches. The powerline team again met with me and went to work on the “SEO” / Search Engine Optimization and now my website show up all over the place when people search for tattoo shops and services related to what we provide in the local community. The bottom line is powerline exceeded my expectations and drives new business to my tattoo shop. I will definitely use powerline SEO for future websites and of course to update my present website in the future.

MGMR Patrick D.
Imperial Class Tattoo LLC.


The team at PowerLineSEO.com provided outstanding customer service and exceed our expectations on website development and design.  Our in house web management team at KBS developed a majority of our website site internally, however, due to some extenuating circumstances our website was unable to be completed.  We sought out to find a competitively priced Orlando area based Website Design and SEO company which could consult with us on how to best complete our website site and fix all the coding issues we encountered.

Upon meeting with PowerLine’s website management team led by Nick Kazanowsky and Chris Ondo  they reviewed our website and found all the inconsistencies in the code.  They also made notations to us in which pages were incomplete and/or could be improved.  They offered multiple options and solutions.  Once we agreed on all the changes they had their team of professional web designers and developers  working on our website immediately.  All our changes were fixed within a couple of days.  This was new to KBS because given our past experience with other web designers in Orlando that typically took weeks or even months to  create and finalize the changes.  It was refreshing to hire a professional web development company that is always accessible and provides high level of customer service (via e-mail, phone, and face-to-face).  Chris Ondo whom is a senior webmaster did a phenomenal job overseeing the entire project with fixing coding issues, graphics, and search engine optimization quickly and at a competitive price.

From our experience we feel PowerLineSEO.com is one of the best if not the best web design and development company in the Orlando area.

Wolf Adler and Ernie Falco

Koneco Building Services, Inc.



“In my opinion, nothing gets done in the business world without passion. Too many people in business are on auto-pilot, and accountability is something we don’t see much of anymore. And then you get a chance to work with people like Chris Ondo and Nick Kazanowsky . My passion for my work increases by working with someone like Chris and Nick because ultimately they are accountable for over delivering on projects and have a tremendous amount of passion for what they do. I’m proud to offer this testimony and I am very rarely able to give them these days in business. Congratulations Chris, Nick and the entire PowerLineSEO.com team for loving what you do and producing ROI to your clients.”

Jeffrey P. Bosworth