Thoughts about link building

I have seen many people that “dabble” in SEO expect instant search engine presence with their website with little time and labor.  These people are usually small to medium sized business owners and individuals that want to help a friend with his or her website.  The end result is usually not a good one…

Having unrealistic expectations leads to thinking that purchasing or otherwise acquiring back links are the magic answer to their success.

What google wants is the websites they rank well to provide a high quality user experience to the person searching google for websites. There are many factors that go into producing a high quality experience for google customers which is anybody that uses google to search for a quality and relevant experience. While I’m not going to get into the fine details about this topic in this article I will provide some basic insight.
Personally when creating Relevant back links for any website I have been trusted to manage I take the time to carefully analyze the specific industry or topic and link back only from websites that have things in common with the website I am working with. I also carefully determine if the websites I chose to link from are healthy and are ethical themselves. Many other factors come into play when I cherry pick my back linking strategies for any given specific project however I’m not getting into the fine details here.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with inexperienced webmasters or SEO hobbyists are they don’t take the time to do adequate research and instead get involved with link building with other websites that are not relevant to the website they want to attempt to make rank well.

High quality SEO is a science and an art combined that involves time and dedication for any long tern success.

What happens when people don’t fully understand how SEO works or how it changes on a regular basis is they look for the cheapest and fastest way to rank their website and sometimes this can work temporarily there are repercussions to cutting corners.  What ultimately happens is the website gets penalized or even banned from googles search index and this means a website does not show up well or at all in search engine search results.

I use analogies to describe some things and here I came up with this.

Let’s pretend for the sake of this short analogy story that several men want to compete in a body building – strength and fitness competition. There are some men that eat healthy, work out correctly and have a hard working ethical personal trainer to help.  Some men can afford to spend more time and money than others. Most of these men that really give it their all do pretty well.  Now there are other men that don’t eat healthy on a regular basis, don’t always work out on a regular basis and don’t give it their all and instead look for the easy way out. Worse there are others that look for ways to cheat – let’s say by using performance enhancing drugs like steroids. Most of the time the cheater using steroids will overpower and beat the men that don’t rely on drugs and other methods to cheat to win but sooner or later the cheater that is dominating everybody is going to be put under the radar and will get caught for cheating resulting in being banned from the game and that game is SEO. After you are banned you must work harder and prove you are following the rules before you will be allowed to compete again and this is more time consuming and expensive then just playing by the rules from the get go.

The bottom line is if you cheat you will ultimately lose…





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