Value of SEO

Ranking your website above your competition is critical if you want to be successful. Your website must rank and it must rank well in order for potential customers to find your website and connect with you. The bottom line is if your website is not ranking or is not ranking well then you are losing money because your potential customers are spending their money elsewhere….with your competitors.

  • 78% of search engine users “Google and Bing” click on a link on the first page of a search result
  • 81% of search engine users choose organic listings over paid Google AdWords listings.
  • 87 % of search engine users choose an organic search when making a purchase.
  • When a consumer or business is looking online to purchase a product or service, organic click through generates 41% higher conversion rates than equivalent Pay-Per-Click (PP) click-through.
  • Daily use of Google search rose from 33% in 2005 to 84% in 2011.

Are you ready to succeed? Are you ready to dominate your competitors?